The Unlimited Mind is led by Dr Tara Swart, neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author and medical doctor. Tara’s ambition is to help as many people as possible understand and get the best out of their brains and maximise their potential, both at home and at work. This website is a collection of advice and resources showing you how to harness the power of your brain and use neuroplasticity to achieve this potential; to build mental resilience and keep your brain healthy, giving you better responses to big changes at different stages of your life.

Tara has recently published the results of a study into the mental resilience of journalists on the 18th May 2017. Click here to read the full report. A press release summarising the results is also available here.

Tara also runs a consultancy that helps businesses and leaders increase their competitive edge through simple practices that optimise brain performance and mental resilience. Please click here for more information.

Brain Stages

How your brain develops throughout your life

Brain Health

Understanding the brain-body connection

Brain Power

How to harness your brain’s potential