Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author and medical doctor who helps us to understand and get the best out of our brains. Through the Unlimited Mind, Tara’s ambition is to help as many others as possible learn how to train their brains and adapt their habits so that we can all now maximise our potential, both at home and at work. Tara has developed a range of products and advice around mental resilience and keeping our brains healthy, tailored to different stages of life and giving us better responses to big life changes.

Tara also runs a consultancy helping business leaders increase their edge through simple practices that optimise brain performance and mental resilience. Please click here for more information.

Thought leadership

The Unlimited Mind is a pioneering neuroscience consultancy. Tara is a published author, global key-note...

Mind Mylk

Mind Mylk co-designed by Imbibery London and Dr Tara Swart to boost your brain in the morning.


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Marshall GoldsmithMarshall GoldsmithAuthor / Editor
Thoroughly researched and finely written, the real brilliance of Neuroscience for Leadership is how it links scientific brain network research with solid advice on decision-making, employee motivation, and organizational growth! Perceptive and brilliant!
Fiona LoganFiona LoganAon Benfield
Tara’s talk was thought provoking, engaging and witty. It generated a lot of discussion in the room and after the conference. Tara’s talk went down so well with a critical audience, due to the scientific rigor that underpinned the content, the fact that the subject matter was relevant to all of us, and the quality of the delivery.
Prof. Deborah AnconaProf. Deborah AnconaMIT Sloan School of Management
Tara Swart came to MIT Sloan to teach and the students stood and applauded. They appreciated learning about the brain, but also about how to use that knowledge in a corporate coaching context.
Tom HintonTom HintonCentrica Energy
Tara’s workshops are fantastic and thought- provoking. I can still remember what she talked about - impressive as most management chat goes in one ear and out of the other. Tara would enhance any Leadership programme.
Bill LawryBill LawryCentrica Energy
Tara has proved to be an excellent speaker and coach. Her deep expertise brings her fantastic credibility and she is very collaborative in approach.
Sherri FujiedaSherri FujiedaStanford Graduate School of Business
Fascinating view on biology, behavior and business - inspiring, engaging and fun
Sam KingSam KingStandard Chartered Bank
Tara created immediate trust and rapport with our top leaders, with a high level of energy, open challenge with the group, to really get them thinking in a different way about how they operate on a daily basis.
Michael BalfourMichael BalfourFounder of Fitness First
I have to admit being somewhat skeptical when first introduced to Tara, however, over the months, I’ve seen just how effective she can be. Her coaching is a very clever process which produces results.
Melvin SiewMelvin SiewMetLife Investments
I would strongly recommend Tara as a coach to anyone or any organization contemplating one.
Sean GlitheroSean GlitheroTraderMedia Group
Don’t be fooled by Tara’s warm manner, she works you hard, and asks those tough questions that you ducked when your inner self posed them.
Carolyn GrayCarolyn GrayGuardian Media Group
Tara's material is stimulating and practically applicable; her style engaging and approachable. She is clearly an expert in her field, and highly adept at getting the best out of people.
David RichardsDavid RichardsStandard Chartered Bank
Tara brings a robust and novel approach to understanding how we behave at work and is an engaging and persuasive advocate for her approach.
Michael BrookeMichael BrookeBNP Paribas
Tara's professional delivery shows she is an accomplished speaker. Her material is impactful and thought provoking. She had the audience captivated, and handled all questions with confidence.
Simon GanderSimon GanderAon Benfield
Tara is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her subject area and her presentation was absorbing and highly relevant to our audience.