Neuroscience and the City

Neuroscience and the City

The title for this blog comes from two pieces in the Financial Times in the last month or so. The first was a video and short article entitled “Rise of neuroscience in executive education”, where Della Bradshaw interviewed me: The other is a feature by Harriet Agnew on “The future of the City of London”, which ends with a question about meditation pods and a quote from me about cognitive enhancement: During the summer I have re-ignited my love of … Continued

Visual and auditory

August is often a time to engage our brains differently. So instead of the usual written blog, I’m posting an article from the CIPD’s People Management magazine which has some great VISUALS for ‘The neuroscience of bias” and features me as a chain saw wielding medical student – talk about imagery! PM Bias article Also a podcast that Search firm Cripps Sears made with me. It’s only 15 minutes long, so perfect for breaking up a commute with some AUDITORY … Continued

Meaning & purpose

In the last few months on The Unlimited Blog, we have looked at mindfulness, changing mindsets and neuroplasticity amongst other topics. In the “Leading sustainable performance” programs I use applied neuroscience to work with top teams in various industries to explore responses to stress and how to stimulate behavior change to keep the brain agile and resilient in situations like mergers and acquisitions or just in large, complex organizations and diverse markets. Whether you look at it from a neuroscience, … Continued

Can you consciously uncouple from a Fixed mindset towards a Growth mindset?

This month I’m blogging about Carol Dweck’s work on Mindsets in terms of how much these are set in the brain or how much room for neuroplasticity to shift along the spectrum from Fixed to Growth there is. That’s assuming you want to do that. And assuming you are closer to the Fixed end of the spectrum to start with. Well most people in management and leadership positions in large corporates today, are. Carol – who I’m going to catch … Continued