What your other brain isn’t telling you

Do you go with your gut? Do you trust your gut instinct? Common knowledge has long since known what scientists have now proved; that we have a brain in our gut. This month Georgina Malingambi is back to take an in-depth look at what happens in the gut and how it can affect our mental well being. Most of us know that serotonin is the happy hormone and without it, we may become depressed. Did you know it is also the … Continued

Fido say…Relax

This month, The Unlimited Mind team member and guest blogger Louise is back and would like to share a different neurotransmitter with you and a topic that is very close to her heart.   How would you like your team and your company to be less stressed, more trusting of each other and less responsive to fear and anger? It sounds like a good start to the week, doesn’t it? There is one very simple thing you can do. Bring … Continued