Why Don’t You Go and Get….Grounded

We would like to welcome back Georgina Malingambi, who contributed the first guest blog to The Unlimited Mind in February. This month Georgina explores an old philosophy in a new and scientific light: that of energy and its effect on us. As a quick reminder of Georgina’s extensive credentials include over 20 years’ experience in Psychiatry and an MSc in Forensic criminology. So prepare to be enlightened.. and maybe even energised.   “Everything is energy and that’s all there is … Continued

Who is making all the decisions?

This month’s guest blogger is one of our own. Louise Malmstrom joined the Unlimited Mind team at the start of the year. She has an MA in Psychology from the University in St Andrews, where her special interest was behavioural neuroscience. After her time in Scotland she worked in the financial services industry for 9 years. During this time Louise took an MA in Finance and Investing and was very happy to find she could combine her two interests and … Continued